On the occasion of the wedding of a family member in Stockholm in July 2010, we looked for old links of our family with Sweden. We found at least four links via all four grandparents:



Swedish Kings: lines via the 4 grandparents


                                          Pedigree Zuiderent-van Wijgerden





Olof Skötkonung of Sweden (ca. 980 - 1022)


Olof lived in the same timeperiod as our first known Vlaardingen ancestor!



Astrid of Sweden

Wulfhilde of Norway


Magnus von Sachsen Billung

Wolfhilde von Sachsen Billung

Mathilde Welf

Adelheid von Sulzbach


Dietrich IV von Kleve

Dietrich V von Kleve

Dietrich von Kleve

Mechteld von Kleve


Isabella von Luxemburg

Gérard de Grandpré

Thičrry III de Grandpré

Philippa de Grandpré


Jean I d'Argenteau

Guillaume I d'Argenteau

Jacques I d'Argenteau

Elisabeth d'Argenteau


Bernard van den Bongard


Jan van den Bongaert

Cornelis van den Bongaert

Catharina van den Bongaert


Jan Melsen Croonenburg

Tryntje Jans Croonenburg


Heyltje Jans Visser

Leendert Pietersz Visser

Pieter Leendertse Visser

Adriaantje Pietersdr Visser


Maaike van der Linden

Bastiaantje Janna Steenbergen

Adriaantje Lijntje den Hartigh


Ingegerd (Anna) of Sweden

Anna Yaruslavna of Kiev


Philips I de France

Louis VI de France

Louis VII de France

Maria de France


Maria de Blois Champagne

Margaretha  of Constantinopel


Jan I van Avesnes

Jan II van Holland (& Heneg.)

Aleid van Henegouwen


Wolfert III van Borselen

Aleida van Borselen


Zweder van Heenvliet


Maria van Heenvliet


Willem B. van Drenkwaert

Maria van Drenkwaert

Anna Willemsdr van Alblas


Willem van Nuijssenburg

Johan van Nuijssenburg

Herman van Nuijssenburg

Anna van Nuijssenburg


Geertruij Cornelis Barendrecht

Anna Pieters Hartigveld

Geertruij Teunis Roos

Neeltje Bestebroer


Jacob Monster

Cornelis Monster

Arie Monster

Arnoldus Monster


Ingegerd (Anna) of Sweden


Isjaslaw I Jarasl. of  Kiev

Swjatopolk II of Kiev

Predalawa  of Kiev


Bela II of Hungary

Elisabeth of Hungary


Ludmilla of Poland


Kunigunde von Lotharingen

Sophie von Limburg

NN von Altena-Isenberg*


Gottfried I von Sponheim-Sayn

Engelbert I von  Sayn-Homburg

Gottfried II von Sayn-Homburg

Jutta von Sayn


Jutta von Grafschaft

Wilhelm von Nesselrode Stein

Swenolt von Nesselrode

Margaretha von Gevertzhain


Ludwig von Bernsau

Wilhelm V von Bernsau


Heinrich Bernsau

Maria Bernsau

Anna Katharina Spieker


Johann Gottfried Üllenberg

Engelbert Üllenberg

Johannes Engelbertus Ullenberg

Elsje Ullenberg


Johannes Engelbertus la Verge

Pietronella Margaretha la Verge

Evertje den Boesterd



Ingegerd (Anna) of Sweden

Anna Yaruslavna of Kiev


Hugo I de Vermandois

Isabel de Vermandois

Ada de Varennes

Ada of Scottland


Willem I van Holland

(Jutta) van Holland*

Peter van Borselen

Jutta van Borselen


Maria van der Lecke

Catharina van Brederode

Maria van Polanen

Machteld van Heemstede

NN Dirksdr van Hodenpijl


Machteld van den Ho(o)rn

Margriet Jan Sijmensdr


Heyndrick Aemsz (vd Burch)

Jacob Heijnricksz (vd Burch)

Hendrick Jzn. van der Burch

Adam Hzn. van der Burch

Ariaentje Adams van der Burch


Simon Dircks van IJssenburg

Lijsbeth Simons van IJssenburg

Aaltje Eufts van der Kaag


Euft Willems Hoek

Teunis Hoek

Maria Hoek


Jacob Willemsz Baars

Bastiaan Jacobsz Baars

Hendrik Bastiaansz Baars

Bastiaan Hendriksz Baars



Jacob Bastiaan Zuiderent



Jannetje Monster



Gijsbert Marius van Wijgerden



Aaltje Baars




Arnold Zuiderent




Plony van Wijgerden





   J.G. Zuiderent



                        *= weak link                                                                                                     Blue = nobility





Olof Skötkonung


Olof was baptised, probably by the missionary Sigfrid, c.1008, and he was the first Swedish king to remain Christian until his death. However, according to Adam of Bremen, the fact that the vast majority of the Swedes were still pagan forced him to limit Christian activities to the already Christian border province of Västergötland.


One possible explanation of the name "Skötkonung" is that it means "treasure king" and refers to the fact that he was the first Swedish king to stamp coins.



When he stamped coins in Sigtuna in the province of Uppland Olof used the word rex for king. OLUF REX as in the coin displayed above or OLAF REX. The use of Latin seems to suggest that he was already baptised at this time but on the other hand the coins were imitating English pennies in type and style. Sigtuna is written SITUN, ZINT (in the coin above), ZTNETEI, or SIDEI. The two last has been deciphered as Si(gtuna) Dei meaning God's Sigtuna.


Olof was succeeded by his son Anund Jacob.


Source: Wikipedia



Link with Vlaardingen, Holland


In the same time period that Olof lived, the first known ancestor of the Zuiderent family (in the male line) lived in Vlaardingen, where he was burried around 1040 (see under DNA).




Some years later we also meet coins from Vlaardingen, stamped by count Dirk V of Holland (1061-1091). Just like the Swedish coins, the style seems to be inspired by the English pennies. As far as we know, only one of these Vlaardingen coins has been found until yet. This rare coin happens to be collected in the Royal Coin Cabinet of Stockholm. The texts on the coin are: COMES (= Count) and FLARDINGA (= Vlaardingen).